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The wiki is provided to the community to encourage collaboration. The wiki is a (fairly) traditional Mediwiki installation generously provided by the Miraheze group.


Why should you participate in

  • cares about software longevity
  • it's the most accessible software stack in the world
  • there are greenfield opportunities for building out the ecosystem

What sort of thing should be avoided in participants' work in the group?:

  • endorsing destructive compilation (including "uglification" or "minification") as an acceptable compromise
  • behavior that exhibits a foremost concern for conspicuous participation (including the type of output that has something on common with typical behavior found on GitHub and Twitter that makes oneself or one's projects look "active")
  • most activity that takes cues from the NodeJS and NPM ecosystems in general, especially advocacy for what are considered best practices in that subculture—where the fact that something is considered best practice is a major underpinning of the argument for the adoption of that practice by this group

A general expectation of participants is to engage in low-ego activity.

It's possible that you're a programmer accustomed to doing things a certain way or getting certain returns from your bargain with society, and's work doesn't jibe, so you seek to change that. Consider, though, that triple scripts may not be intended as a solution for the problem you have in mind.

Above all, please try to embody the community values, and even if you choose not to participate, please do not do anything to sabotage our mission.

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