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trplkt version 0.10.0 was designated as the followup to trplkt 0.9.8. Release 0.9.9 was aborted.

Starting with 0.10.x, we are going to rev minor version number (second field) and use semver patch field for non-breaking changes. (Note that this is still pre-1.0, so there's is no guaranteed stability between 0.10.x to 0.11.x or 0.11.x to 0.12.x etc. The minor versions in this scheme are more akin to major numbers for post-1.0.)

0.10.0 blockers[edit]

  • a real lexer
  • s/\.js/\.src/


Meta: also need to move away from keybase pages to coincide with this release. The homepage is still pointing to keybase pages. A public mirror of the repo has been set up at Codeberg. Official hosting on has been deferred to a later time. Still using Miraheze domain for the wiki, also deferred. (The notes below reflect the planning and are not an accurate description of the current state.)

  • Use Cloudflare + Backblaze B2 for hosting
  • Find tentative repo host
    • update to excise mention of Keybase
    • establish policy that repos will be mirrored to, let's say, for the foreseeable future, even if/when the official location changes
    • candidates:
      • Codeberg
      • Framagit
      • Launchpad (mirror only)
  • Add Miraheze custom domain for
    • check if this can be set up to omit the /wiki/ portion of URLs, so we can have URLs of the form rather than XXX Response from Miraheze folks is a "no".


These features were originally slated for this release (when it was planned to be 0.9.9), but have been deferred to a later release:

  • drag and drop input
  • build profiles and "publish" command
  • max line length 99
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