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The group was conceived and is organized around a set of values. Refer to Timmermans's essay Perl7 is a fork of values. There are also parallels between the intentionality of the group's work and Bret Victor's Inventing on Principle. In contrast to, for example, the X11 project's unofficial motto "mechanism, not policy", the work of involves the deliberate pursuit of specific mechanism and policy, but we go further than that and pursue a particular type of culture as well.

Besides some of (what should be) the obvious ones (longevity, reproducibility, scrutability), some of this group's other core principles include:

  • end-user control
  • low-magic systems
  • simplicity and ease

There are a number of mantras meant to capture the tao of triple scripts.

This page is concerned with describing the principles that the group is expected to imbue into the products of its work—i.e., the software itself. For information about the expectations of participants and their conduct on the wiki and in the community at large, refer to the wiki "About" page.

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