Release procedure

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This is the release procedure for trplkt. The procedure for Inaft is similar.

  • Sync to a fresh build
    • [+commit] message: "Refactor to regenerate"
  • Do a release commit including the following (followed in seq):
    • Update version
      • move from e.g. 0.1.1-pre to 0.1.1 in ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.txt
      • regenerate credits.js
    • Regenerate again
      • INTERNAL: update symlink (../dist/trplkt/latest to e.g. v0.1.1)
      • INTERNAL: sync system copy ../dist/trplkt/latest/
    • Update the changelog with release notes and the build ID (SHA-1 hash of the
    • resulting file)
      • INTERNAL: cp -t ../dist/trplkt ./CHANGELOG.txt
    • [+commit] message "Release verson 0.1.1"
  • Tag the commit as e.g. v0.1.2 and update the 'latest-release' tag
    • INTERNAL: git archive -o ../dist/trplkt/src/ v0.1.2
  • Update version in ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, and regenerate credits.js again
    • version goes from e.g. 0.1.1 to 0.1.2-pre
    • [+commit] message: "Fix version number; bump to 0.1.2-pre"
  • Push the changes; make sure to push the version tag and 'latest-release'
  • Sync to keybase
    • `rsync -rl ../dist/trplkt/ /keybase/team/triplescripts/releases/trplkt`
    • `cp ../dist/trplkt/*.zip /keybase/team/triplescripts.releases/`
    • cp -rt /keybase/team/triplescripts.releases/ CHANGELOG.txt ../dist/trplkt/v0.1.2
    • cd .../rto/v0.1.2 && zip && rm ./
    • cd ../ && ln -Tsf v0.1.2 latest
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