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Transitional parsing rule for semistatic templates

From wiki

The problem:

We want to require most simple static assignments (all those recognized by the parser except for class and function definitions) to be terminated by a semicolon, however, the create-credits command has been (in releases leading up to trplkt v0.13.0) emitting code that would not validate under those circumstances: the rhs (consisting of a semistatic form) isn't terminated with a semicolon. So we have instituted a transitional phase for v0.13.x and the next few releases where the compiler will continue to accept source inputs in the form generated by create-credits, but with the expectation that with newer versions of trplkt people will re-generate their `credits.src` file (or edit it by hand to validate) at some point, and then in future versions, bring this transitional phase to an end.

Note that there is a related issue: we want to require semistatic forms to also be bracketed by open and close parentheses wherever they appear in the source code, and AcknowledgeMint hasn't been obeying this rule, either.

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