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Version 0.11.0 was released on 2020 October 31.

The planning notes below are preserved for posterity. Refer to the changelog for details of the actual release.

trplkt 0.11.x planning[edit]

  • use SystemA design pattern (done)
  • more welcoming code comments at the top of i.e. TripleKit.src, and an explanation of SystemA (done)
  • -o for "init" should work
  • enforce only one shunting block allowed
  • enforce exactly one import for non-shunting modules, and none for shunting block
  • enforce that identifiers cannot begin with BOTH a leading AND trailing "$" (those are attributes)
  • make sure no triple slash directives appear flush with column 0 in any template, string, or multi-line comment
  • more traditional output on success/failure
    • quiet success
      • on "decompile", only list modules if --verbose is specified
      • on "build", only list outfile if --verbose is specified OR default ("") is used
    • noisy failure
      • decompiling failures need better error output
      • need better parsing and scanning error output
  • Make sure single line comments are either of the form `// [whatever]` (i.e. with separating space) or `//////....` (multiple slash chars); don't allow `//this sort of thing`
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