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This is the wiki for — committed to software tooling for the out-crowd. To learn more about triple scripts and the triple scripts ecosystem, check the existing material on, have a look at the why and how of triple scripts, or read on.


What triple scripts are well-suited for:

  • portable, no-fuss build scripts
  • auditable, offline software security fobs
  • file format decompressors, explorers, manipulators, etc
  • ... and other utilities that perform limited IO (particularly suited for one or more file inputs with zero or one file outputs, in the vein of programming language compilers or filters)

What triple scripts are not suited for:

  • networked applications
  • applications for communicating with peripheral devices
  • ... and many, many other classes of traditional system software

Triple scripts are for everyone, but not for all things. (See other mantras.)

More information[edit]

This wiki was started in June 2020, and at this time it remains fairly sparse. To get a clearer picture of what this is all about, you can find pertinent info on the following pages:

... and other terms listed in the glossary.

For those completely unacquainted with triple scripts and triple script development, please pay special attention to the triple script invariants. Given their importance, we'll repeat them here: we say that triple scripts are...

  • self-contained
  • homologous
  • automorphic
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